I have known Sharelle for many years as we were in the same line of work. I have always felt a calmness in her presence. I am so grateful for her care and insight. I have struggled for many years with post-traumatic stress disorder since my husband’s accident and the huge life changes that we’ve had to make. Sharelle is warm, caring and makes you feel totally at ease. She was able to help me deal with traumatic memories and reduce the emotional intensity of the accident, and its dramatic ripple effect. I spent a number of sessions in Sharelle’s care and truly believe it has been the turning point in my PTSD recovery. I am a true believer in the benefits of EFT and MR . I still use EFT as a self-help tool on a daily basis. It just makes so much sense. Thank you Sharelle you really are an angel. For anyone suffering from PTSD or traumatic past events I highly recommend you put yourself in Sharelle’s care xx
Anna Williams-Bales

I have been associated with Sharelle Newcombe in a professional capacity for 6 years. She is warm, generous & mindful in her approach to her work & her clients. Professionally I have not hesitated in referring people to her.  Each & every person who has contact with Sharelle have found her to be the consummate professional, who approaches her work with integrity. I am excited to integrate her new path into my existing clients’ treatments. I believe she will be providing an invaluable service to the Horsham & wider community. Personally, I have used Sharelle services, as I do not refer on without experiencing what a practitioner has to offer. My experience was exceptional. I cannot recommend Sharelle highly enough.
Wendy Robertson
DIP HSC Remedial Therapies
Member AAMT

I had my first Matrix Reimprinting session for Claustrophobia a month ago, after trying other treatments like hypnotherapy. Sharelle was very professional, understanding & thorough with her consultation.  This treatment has definitely helped me with the battle of those fears! I would highly recommend this form of treatment.

Sharelle has been a conscious, healing & trustworthy practitioner for many individuals and their families for a number of years. Her presence, honesty & practical approach to aiding those who seek clarification in their lives is extremely reassuring. I myself utilise her knowledge and services personally when required. I also refer clients to Sharelle as part of their treatment protocol & the outcomes are remarkable. Sharelle is a genuinely beautiful person & I am grateful for her expertise. To observe her continuing success and the essential information and education that she provides is an amazing opportunity.
Josephine Pummeroy
AD. Dip. Naturopathy
BHSc Natuopathy
BA Nursing
(Member ATMS)

I am so pleased that after only one session of EFT tapping & MR the  anxiety around my public speaking has been dramatically reduced.    I am amazed that Sharelle was able to identify the underlying factors that I was unaware of, that were causing me this fear. It was traced back to a childhood memory.  With the techniques, I have learnt from SharelIe, I am now able to calm myself & the anxiety that comes along with the thought of public speaking. 
Very Happy!     Abbey

Uneasiness, nerves & not knowing quite what to expect prior to my first reading with Sharelle was quickly replaced and alleviated within the first few minutes. Imparting knowledge in a composed & serene manner, Sharelle’s’ special gift was very evident.
LG Horsham

I have been to Sharelle for several sessions as I was feeling really lost & lacking confidence. I found her ability to put me at ease reassuring, while “diving right into what was going on”. I felt safe to deal with the real issues that were sitting under the surface holding me back. She was able to quickly pinpoint issues and where they started. I can’t believe how different I feel after using Matrix Reimprinting, my confidence & self-esteem have gone through the roof.  
Thank-you RT

I have had the pleasure of several Sharelle’s readings.   She is always insightful & compassionate. I have found her readings to be extremely accurate & relaxing, which has helped me a lot while making very difficult & important decisions.    I look forward to more readings with Sharelle.

I have seen Sharelle a few times over the years for readings, and I cannot recommend her enough. I am so thankful for your gift Sharelle, you are truly amazing. No matter how crazy these things may seem, each reading always come to fruition.   Not only are you accurate, but your energy is so beautiful. So, calm and down to earth, it is easy to relax and listen to the information coming though. 
Thank you again   Shinea

I, along with my sister, have had 2 readings with Sharelle, both of which were very helpful. The first one focussed on my sister and our mum. A lot of questions were answered and have put our minds to rest.The second reading was centred around my son Mitchell who I lost when he was electrocuted in a workplace accident. There were certain questions that I needed answers too, which Sharelle was able to do. Sharelle told me things which now make a lot of sense. I still miss Mitchell so much but have slowly come to accept his loss knowing that he is now at peace. I found both readings amazing and very helpful.

Through word of mouth I discovered Sharelle & her amazing gift. I have had two reading s with her and each time I have walked away amazed & delighted in her accuracy. Sharelle brings a sense of calm to my life with information that restores my heart and provides me with peace and acknowledges where I can help myself to better my life.
Krisandra Lloyd