Meet Sharelle

I am very passionate about working closely with people and my number one priority is to ensure you receive the best care. 
During my 31-year career as a Division One, Registered Nurse and Advanced Life Support Paramedic, I have worked extensively with people during extreme physical and psychological distress. This experience and knowledge has given me firsthand, a profound insight into how stress & trauma, of any kind, not only affects our ‘now’, but can go on to affect our future.


Ambulance Paramedic - (Diploma of Ambulance Paramedic Studies) 
Emotional Freedom Techniques & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner - (EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Academy-Karl Dawson, EFT Master) 
Previous Division One, Registered Nurse 

Repeatedly I have witnessed “current” physical & emotional issues, such as anxiety, panic attacks, stress, phobias, fear, allergies, anger etc., that have clearly stemmed from past negative events or memories. 
Until we identify, deal with & release these blocks we continue to live them like they happened yesterday. Over time these blocks manifest emotionally and physically, affecting our health & wellbeing. 
Through the years, I have developed and fostered a very honest, sensible & grounded approach to problem solving and working with people.
I am also a Psychic Medium, a gift I was born with. The ability to work with you intuitively, allows me to quickly gain clear insight & depth into where you are emotionally & physically. Commonly I am shown events from your past, and the disruption to their energy system at that time. 

As a medium I am able to receive & deliver messages of comfort, support & emotional healing from loved ones that have passed to the spirit world. At times, this alone may be all that you need to feel peaceful & settled. 

I have always been very passionate about understanding the body/mind connection and have continuously sought to gain a deeper knowledge of how our past affects our future. 
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
I hold a keen interest in recognizing & working with the insidious effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder & how it directly affects our lives.
PTSD can affect anyone, whether it be from repeat exposure to traumatic situations or events in our personal lives that leave us feeling helpless and overwhelmed, with no way to move forward. It can present in many forms, often a collection of symptoms that don’t feel related. Stress, anger, fear, isolation, sleeplessness, panic attacks, etc. 

Combining honesty, compassion, and a no-nonsense approach, I am committed to providing you with the opportunity, to really deal with your past & take ownership of your future.