Are you feeling anxious, stressed, fearful or lacking in confidence…are these thoughts affecting your health, relationships or family? 
Maybe confusion, guilt or regret is keeping you awake at night.
Have past events left you feeling frustrated and not able to move forward in your life?

Hi I'm Sharelle Newcombe,

I've been helping people deal with their issues for many years, empowering them to…

  • Find peace of mind, less stress, clarity and confidence. 
  • Feel more connected and worthy. 
  • Choose the freedom to finally move on from past negative memories.

I offer Straight-up Solutions for adults ready to “deal with their past and own their future”

If this is you, call me on 0429 913 112 for an initial, free 15 min phone conversation.

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Areas I can help you with

Stress, Panic attacks, Anxiety, Phobias, Fear of public speaking, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Abandonment & Isolation issues, Blocks to success, Birth issues, pain, Negative core beliefs Abundance issues and much more…


Empowers you the client to find the answers, and decide what’s best for you.
No-nonsense, common sense approach
Its quick, easy & permanent
Gently releases traumatic experiences without being retraumatized
Reduces stress
Clears blocks to success
Resolves core issues and instils new supporting beliefs & experiences
Rewrites the past, signals to the body the trauma is over
Able to get to blocked or pre-conscious trauma (before age of 6 years),
Transforms current belief system 

Working Together

I use a combination of techniques, that gently but powerfully release the emotional intensity around past negative memories and events. These techniques allow us to quickly get to the root of negative core beliefs & traumatic past events that may be holding us back, and release and transform them.
By letting go of these past negative memories, we are able to draw more positive experiences into our lives.